My four days have gone well. I am currently in the home of Jon Sandoval who I met on He has been gracious enough to let me stay in his home a couple of days while I explore our nation's capital.

Last night was my first night sleeping in a bed since May 14. On the 15th I slept in a car on the way to Maryland and the next two night I slept in my tent and last night I just laid out my sleeping bag and slept in it. Aside from the first day, when it was very rainy, the weather has been excellent.

On my first day of walking I went 27+ miles. While I expected my legs, feet and back to hurt most, it was actually my hips and shoulders that became very sore. I was alongside highway 214 for most of the day. 

I usually stop at gas stations or small stores to get food and then carry the food in bags as I walk. My diet has mostly consisted of lunch meat sandwiches, protein bars, beef jerky, gatorade, vitamin water and vitamins.

I walked around 20 miles on my second day. I camped just outisde the center of D.C. The beginning of my walk through DC was not through the safest neighborhoods, but aside from a few odd stares, everything went well.

I arrived in the center of D.C. yesterday and met with some of the staff of Free the Slaves. They were very courteous. They did invite me to lunch today as they see off one of their interns.   

I have begun reading a book to help pass the time while not walking. It is called, "a long way gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah. The book is a personal account of Beah's experience with rebels in Sierre Leone--his trek with a few friends across the country from village to village as they tried to outrun and avoid the rebels, the attrocities he saw, his capture and eventual rescue. I have yet to finish, but it is a very good and quick read (just 226 pages). I certainly recommend the book.

My body is feeling well. It is a little stiff and sore, but nothing too painful. I will need to pace myself better. I originally wanted to average 15-20 miles. I get a little too impatient on my resting breaks and push myself to start walking again.

 My experience so far has been positive. I've had a few nervous moments, as I expected, but I am eager to get back on the road and head towards home, where I will likely take a one week stay and reorganize what I really need and what I can do without.

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