A Walk Across America for FTS

My name is Jason Glassburn and since May 16, 2009, I have been walking across the United States from Annapolis, Maryland to San Diego, California.

The circumstances that initially led me to take on this journey were focused on my need to breakaway and experience the landscape of America. I wanted to take advantage of the freedom I have.

That freedom is key because of the organization I will be supporting: Free the Slaves.

In countries throughout the world, including the U.S., approximately 27 million slaves are forced to be child soldiers, prostitutes, manual laborers, etc. They receive no pay for their labor and cannot run away because they fear being beaten or are displaced and have no place else to go.

The Free the Slaves organization and many others are fighting to end global slavery. If we all work together, purchase items not produced by slaves, and let others know of the existence of slavery, then we can at least begin paving the road to a world where slavery no longer exists.

Therefore, I will begin my walk in Annapolis. I hope to be on the road for approximately 5-6 months. I will post blogs, videos and pictures as much as possible. I will also send tweets (Twitter messages) to my site and twitter page frequently, so you can follow me at all times.

If you could, make a donation to the Free the Slaves organization by clicking the DONATE link below or going to my DONATE page.

Thank you and wish me luck!

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