D.C. to Herndon, VA - Walk America

The heat has gotten much hotter as of late, poor timing as I reach the hills of Virginia on route to the Appalachian mountains. I only walked about 12 miles today -- about the same yesterday. My body is sore but not bad! I slept in the Hilton Garden Hotel last night. It was very nice but more expensive than I would like to admit.

I am currently in the home of the Vergamini family in Herndon, VA. They are very kind and have provided me with a room to sleep in and food. Much thanks to them!

Special thanks to my sister Amber who keeps working to find me places to sleep via couchsurfing.org. She is extremely helpful. I'll be taking a bike and walk trail to Leesburg tomorrow. I will probably stay on the trail for the next couple of days.

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